Getting Started with NDepend

One of the folks over at NDepend reached out to me to provide a license for their product; let’s do some exploring!

Design Patterns: Decorator

The decorator pattern is a structural design pattern that can be used to add functionality to classes without modifying the original class or its interface.

Prettifying HealthChecks

Previously I wrote about creating Health Checks for Microsoft Orleans, but the JSON response was too minimal. In this post we’ll see about prettifying that output!

Practical Guide to Hire and Retain Tech Talent

In this world where most companies rely on technology regardless of their niche, it’s indispensable to hire top-notch tech professionals.

Microsoft Orleans - Health Checks

Health Checks are a means of seeing how a system is running at the time of performing the check. Let’s see how we can apply them to Orleans!

Self Notes - React Router Getting Started

My notes about trying to get started with React.

Setting up mTLS and Kestrel (cont.)

In the last post we started talking about mTLS. In the post I pointed out that the client cert’s signing CA was not verified, let’s fix that!

Setting up mTLS and Kestrel

Pretty sure everyone at this point knows what TLS is, but what about mTLS? How is it different from TLS, what’s it used for?

Design Patterns: Builder

The builder is a creational pattern that can be used to construct “more complex” objects, without having to directly new them up in calling code.

How to rely on configuration during application bootstrapping?

Working with the IHostBuilder introduced to .netcore has been an overall pleasant experience… until I needed configuration from appsettings for app bootstrapping. Luckily, there’s still a way to do it!

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