Hexo Updated to latest version

Hexo Updated to latest version

Updated hexo to the latest version, trying out a new post!

I went through updating hexo to the latest version, under the hopes some of the weird code highlighting issues would be fixed.


Incorrect code highlighting even with language specified on old hexo version

After the update:

Code highlighting, same place, new hexo version

It works!

I wanted to do this for a while, but was running into issues around my post_asset_folder images no longer resolving by just specifying cover.jpg (as an example). In the new world, I need to (for front matter only) specify the full path (minus root): /2021/11/20/my-post-title/cover.jpg.

Not sure what the cause of this change is, but I spent too long looking into it. Just had to go and update the front matter links to images for about 57 posts.

I did all of this because I had a few other posts in the (potential) works, and wanted to be in a better, more up to date state.
So yay!


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